Zero Waste

The goal of zero waste is to avoid wasting resources, so these products are made from recycled or easily recyclable materials and can be used repeatedly and for a long time. Zero waste strives to use resources efficiently and economically so that unnecessary non-recyclable waste accumulates in the environment.

Zero waste

You may have heard of the term Zero waste. But what does it actually mean? It is considered a philosophy that is based on minimizing waste such as plastics. As a result, this means not only reducing plastic production but essentially any waste that cannot be further recycled. Zero waste is actually a way to avoid creating additional waste that could not be reused.

Zero-waste helps reduce the impact we have on climate change. The three key rules of a waste-free life: reduction, reuse and recycling, can significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions if properly implemented at a global level. This is because around 42% of greenhouse gas emissions are the result of the mass production of goods such as consumer products, food and packaging, as well as their consumption and use. Restricting, reusing and recycling these goods will save a large part of the energy spent on these processes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Landfills emit various greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, which has been shown to accelerate climate change.

We have been trying to connect to this journey from the beginning, so we offer zero waste products and strive for ecological packaging of orders. Our company tries to help the planet by, for example, using paper and recycled materials and re-using boxes in which we receive goods from suppliers. We tend to use boxes (which we recycle) that might be damaged and would normally be thrown away, as package padding when packing your orders. In addition, we do not print invoices, but conveniently send them by e-mail. Simply put, we give all packaging materials a second chance!

As for the products we offer, in the category, you will find, for example, bamboo brushes, stainless steel straws, glass bottles or stainless steel jars and cutlery. Everything that can last you for years.


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