Not all wines are the same, some can also be healty. Primitivo red wines from southern Italy from the Puglia or Manduria region are wines rich in resveratrol and other health-promoting substances. Their taste is fruity with a minimum of tannins. Suitable for wine experts and occasional consumers.

Wine and resveratrol content

In recent years, resveratrol has been the subject of research primarily as it is said to support longevity and also help with cardiovascular health. Due to its beneficial effects, resveratrol is also a common topic in the field of alternative and conventional medicine. Its leading position in a number of cosmetic products is not surprising, especially against skin aging and wrinkles.

In the early 1990s, the effects of resveratrol were termed the "French paradox." It was recorded by the Irish cardiologist Samuel Black based on observations of a low number of cases of heart disease amongst the French. Despite a diet high in saturated fatty acids, the French had a very low incidence of heart disease. Simply put, the typical french hobby - red wine drinking - has proven its association with lower risk of cardiovascular disease. That's why we have created a category where you can choose from several excellent wines that are rich in resveratrol.

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