Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are mainly associated with immunity but they are especially important for children’s growth and development.

Child development and immunity

An individual's immune system begins to form during childbirth. The way a baby is born significantly affects the future vitality of the immune system. Compared to children delivered by cesarean section, children born naturally may have a much more robust immunity because they encounter a number of pathogens that the immune system remembers as they pass through the birth canal. During the passage through the birth canal, the child's microbiome is initially settled. This does not mean that babies born by c-section have a much weaker immunity system. They just may need a bit more help strengthening it.

Diet comes first

A good diet should come first. A Baby’s diet should contain enough micronutrients, such as enough vitamin C, D3, and zinc, the health of the intestinal microbiome is very important. Omega 3 fatty acids and enough calcium play an important role in the proper development of both the body and the nervous system. However, we know that children do not always enjoy what these essential substances contain. Some children have difficulty eating enough fruits and vegetables, for some meat or fish may be a problem.

Which vitamins to prefer?

As we have already mentioned, for a strong immune system you should get your hands on vitamin C, D3 and zinc, or goat colostrum. Goat colostrum contains up to 140 unique active ingredients that support our immune system. During the summer, when there is less risk of respiratory diseases, you may prefer quality multivitamins. You can combine calcium and magnesium for proper development.

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