Under-Sink Cartridges

Under-sink cartridges

These cartridges guarantee (confirmed by laboratory tests) to get rid of chlorine, benzene, phenol, pesticides, mechanical additives of heavy metals, etc. High cleaning quality is ensured thanks to the use of only the best granular and fibre sorbents (coconut activated carbon, ionex and Akvalen fibre) in the optimal and carefully selected combination.

Aquaphor replaceable filter cartridges are designed for different types of water purification and are used in different orders in Aquaphor systems.

The offered 10´ Aquaphor inserts that you can use not only for Aquaphor Duet and Trio water filters but also for filters of other brands that have a standard 10´ hull.

The offered Aquaphor inserts for the Aquaphor Kristall system (K1-…) have several important advantages. For example, thanks to the new form and design, the volume of the sorbent is increased in the liner to 10%, which affects the quality of cleaning.

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