This category contains our range of organic toothbrushes. They are made of bamboo wood and their bristles of organic fiber, so if you want to save the environment, these brushes are the ones to go for. Thanks to fine bristles of these toothbrushes they do not irritate the gums and oral cavity.

Which toothbrush to choose?

Choosing the right toothbrush is not as easy as it looks. Whether you choose a manual electric or sonic brush, pay attention to the softness and density of the bristles. Depending on the intensity of the brushing and the strength of the teeth, medium and hard bristle brushes can actually damage the gums, the root surface and the enamel. The brush head must be small enough to comfortably reach even more distant teeth. Otherwise, these teeth tend to decay more. Evidence of this are the so-called wisdom teeth, which cause problems precisely because of their poor access by the brush head.

Sonic brushes are a good choice for thorough cleaning. Sonic toothbrushes have vibrating brush heads that move the bristles from side to side at high speed. They vibrate at 31,000 movements per minute. The vibration movements drive the fluid between the teeth and along the gum line, where plaque and tartar settle most. 

You should replace the toothbrush every three months.

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