Syrups and Juices

This category offers natural syrups and juices. You can choose from chokeberry, turmeric and lemon juices, or syrups such as date and chicory syrup, coconut syrup or maple syrup. You can use them wherever you add classic refined sugar. Syrups and juices do not contain preservatives, additives or added dyes.

The magic of natural syrups

Nowadays, sugar alternatives rule the sweetener market. Syrups are no exception. Customers often look for alternative sources of sweeteners that can compete with traditional refined sugar, both in terms of sweetness but also consistency or colour. Syrups are gaining their popularity because their use is often better than use of convetional sugar. Syrups are suitable for sweetening both hot and cold drinks, but they also found their place in the kitchen when baking or preparing pancakes. Due to the fact that for many people it is difficult to limit refined sugar, it is necessary to choose sweeteners that will suit you. This is especially important so that the transition is managable and not so drastic. Today we will introduce three syrups, namely maple, date and agave syrup. 

Sweeteners will stay sweeteners, ofcourse, so it is important that we are still careful with them. As these sweeteners are plant-based, they are also suitable for vegans

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