Save Me

Help us stop wasting. We guarantee the quality of the product until the last moment of expiration, which, however, is approaching, which is why we offer you these products at an appropriate discount. Other discount codes cannot be applied to them. Thank you :)

No more waste

Did you know that up to a third of the world's food is thrown away? To give you an idea, this is about the amount that would feed about 3 billion people! Food waste is a global problem that one has no control over yet. Or do we? Food that is just fine, but under many regulations often just does not look good on the shelves of supermarkets, gets thrown away. 

That's why we said STOP! Products that we offer are organic and high quality. But that also means that these foods are perishable much faster than non-organic. Therefore, we regularly add foods to this category so that we do not owe anything to nature and everything it has given us is used for the benefit of the health of you - the customers. We carefully check all the food we offer so that what you buy is always shipshape. Help us not waste food:)