Period Underwear

When it comes to period, most women want to feel at least a bit more comfortable during this time of the month. In recent years, the market has been literally flooded with various alternatives. Probably the most popular alternative is period underwear and for several reasons.

Nanotechnology as a quality and effective solution
Period panties are a relatively well-known thing in the world, however, in the Czech Republic they are a new alternative for women dealing with light or heavy menstruation. Menstrual panties use the method of nanotechnology which makes them breathable and they do not contain plastic. They are a reliable alternative as they can capture up to twice as much menstrual flow as a pad and three times as much flow as conventional tampons.

Why choose menstrual panties?

  • Underwear is ideal for either light or heavy flow.
  • Leek-proof
  • They are breathable and thin like classic underwear.
  • They are environmentally friendly because they are washable and therefore reusable. 
  • They are comfortable, so you can use them during the day and also during the night.
  • Contains an antibacterial treatment that destroys 99% of bacteria.
  • Thanks to the moisture-absorbing material, the layer is thin and does not look bulky.
  • Can last up to 50 wash cycles
  • They eliminate odors

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