Performance Electrolyte Complex Cherry 600g

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A combination of an optimal ratio of 6 electrolytes and 9 essential and 3 semi-essential amino acids for body transformation, performance improvement and health optimization . Amino acids were obtained by fermentation technology. Sweetened only by nature : stevia and inulin . In addition, chicory root inulin acts as a prebiotic . Thanks to the absence of synthetic sweeteners, the microbiome is finally friendly . Now also with a new refreshing cherry flavor!

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Product detailed description

Performance Electrolyte The complex is an optimal combination of amino acids and electrolytes

An essential supplement for the health and performance of the new generation. Performance Electrolyte Complex is designed for physically active individuals, as well as for people suffering from increased levels of stress, suffering from poor sleep and especially for those of you who want to regulate their weight, whether in terms of weight loss or muscle gain .

The highest quality product

  • 9 essential and 3 semi-essential amino acids obtained by fermentation technology
  • 6 electrolytes
  • Sweetened by nature: stevia and inulin

Upgrade: Microbiome friendly

A healthy microbiome or intestinal microflora is essential for our health and weight. We make products without compromise, and because recent studies on the effects of sucralose on health have not been very favorable, we have decided to act. We have updated the composition of the Electrolyte complex! Now it is sweetened only naturally, ie: stevia and chicory root inulin, which also acts as a prebiotic .

New cherry flavor

We have heard your requests and prepared a brand new cherry flavor for you. Great taste without sin. Enjoy! :)


  • Support muscle growth. Increased proteosynthesis. (full protein unlike bcaa)
  • Support regeneration and delay fatigue.
  • Morning energy supply.
  • Weight regulation (reduction of water retained in the body).
  • Fullness of muscle mass (water retention in muscles).
  • Production of maximum strength (nerve signal conduction and muscle contraction).
  • Health (cell detoxification, hydration and more).

Push the boundaries of your potential with the first product in the Performance training range.

Lack of electrolytes or disturbance of the electrolytic balance is one of the most common reasons for resistance to body transformation due to excessive water retention. By supplementing a suitably selected ratio of 6 basic electrolytes, you can very easily change your physical appearance and at the same time optimize the activity of your nervous system and overall health.

Essential amino acids play a number of irreplaceable tasks in the human body, from the synthesis of neurotransmitters, hormones and enzymes, through the formation of muscle mass and immune system molecules, to the optimization of the process of detoxification and disposal of waste products. If they are supplemented separately and separately, their individual effect is more pronounced, and when combined and in a suitably chosen ratio, the body uses them where it currently needs them.

Composition - 12 amino acids, 6 electrolytes

The product contains high quality fermented amino acids.


Number of servings per pack: 40
per 100g
2 scoops 16 g
Amino acids (fermented)
13.8 g
2.2 g
13.8 g
2.2 g
6.9 g
1.1 g
6.9 g
1.1 g
6.3 g
1.0 g
3.8 g
0.6 g
2.5 g
0.4 g
1.9 g
0.3 g
1.3 g
0.2 g
0.7 g
0.1 g
0.7 g
0.1 g
0.7 g
0.1 g
0.7 g
0.1 g
3482.5 mg
557.2 mg
1410.7 mg
225.7 mg
821.9 mg
131.5 mg
643.2 mg
102.9 mg
70.6 mg
11.3 mg
Other substances
16 g
2.5 g
0.5 g
0.08 g


Mix 2 scoops into 750 ml of water and drink during training. Two measuring cups correspond to approx. 14 g.

Package weight Performance Electrolyte Complex is 600g. The package contains 40 doses.

Detailed composition: L-Glutamine , L-Leucine , L-Isoleucine , L-Valine , L-Lysine Hydrochloride , L-Threonine , Potassium Citrate , Calcium Phosphate , L-Hisitidine Hydrochloride , L-Cysteine Hydrochloride , Sodium Chloride, L- Methionine , L-Phenylalanine , L-Tryptophan , L-Tyrosine , Magnesium Citrate , Citric acid , beta carotene , beetroot extract , steviol glycosides , inulin , natural aroma .

Made in the Czech Republic for the company Votamax sro

Additional parameters

Category: BrainMax
Weight: 0.759 kg
Forma: Prášek
Pro jedince řešící: Regenerace, Energie, Svalová hmota
Typ: Komplex látek
Velikost balení: 600 g

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