Nut Butters and Creams

Try incorporating hazelnut creams into your diet. We have selected the best ones for you with a clean composition without ballast additives and preservatives. The use of nut creams is wide. You can add it to smoothies, to pancakes or eat just like that..from a spoon:)

The magic of nut butters and creams 

Nut butters which do not contain trans fatty acids or added sugars, are really considered a nutritious snack that athletes, children and anyone really can enjoy. In addition, nut butter is a real "brain food". It contains vitamin B3, so called niacin, which 
improves brain function and strengthens memory. These butters will supply you with energy, protein and healthy fats.

You can find a wide range of nut butters on the market, but to make sure you get the best quality, we have a few tips to follow:

  • Choose one that contains 100% nuts.
  • Quality nut butter should not contain added sugar or vegetable oils.
  • Avoid those that contain starches, this will usually have a negative effect on the taste of butter itself.

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