Natural and Organic Products

Consideration for nature and health has led to the emergence of eco-drugstore, where you can find many certified non-toxic products on a natural basis, not only for cleaning, but also for laundry and disinfecting households. We have chosen the best eco-friendly products, which do not contain toxic, synthetic estrogenic substances (xenostregons, neurotoxins), that could potentially break down our hormonal system and health. These toxins have the same negative effect on animals and the environment in general (water quality, aquatic organisms). Therefore, eco-friendly products should be your first choice not only because of their effect on health, but also because of the planet. Above all, we recommend using eco-friendly cleaning products in households with children, as their detoxification system is not as developed as adults'.

Advantages of eco-products:

  • The products combine the latest trends - high efficiency, safety for the environment and human health.
  • They are effective due to the composition of natural ingredients and essential oils.
  • The products are 100% degradable, they decompose completely into common natural ingredients in water.
  • They do not contain parabens, triclosans, SLS, EDTA, NTA, oils, phosphates, phthalates, phenols, formaldehyde, synthetic perfumes and dyes.
  • All products have eco-certificates.
  • The best that nature can bring to your home.