Mouthwashes and Other

Mouthwashes with natural ingredients have several advantages as they take care of the oral cavity. They have antiseptic effects, help avoid tooth decay, support gum regeneration, prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth and ensure fresh breath. All this only by the power of natural extracts such as aloe vera, tea tree or cloves.

Natural mouthwashes and their ingredients

There are herbs that are especially beneficial for oral health, particularly for their antibacterial properties. These are part of natural mouthwashes. First of all, we should mention cloves. Clove contains eugenol (a compound that is antifungal, antiseptic and anesthetic). Not only does it help with its antiseptic properties, but it is also an effective toothache fighter.

Another herb is Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, and it kills bacteria that hide between teeth. To make the most of its properties, gurgle tulsi tea every morning. This tea is better than any mouthwash.

Last but not least, we should also mention nutmeg. Its compounds kill bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath. Nutmeg contains the same compound as clove (eugenol). Nutmeg therefore has antimicrobial properties.

Finally, Aloe vera. Succulent, which is known for its skin health benefits, is effective in healing wounds and has positive effects on gum health because it can prevent them from bleeding. Aloe can also be used for toothache.

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