Laundry and Hygiene

The skin of our little ones is so delicate and sensitive that it has to be treated very carefully. We advice to choose laundy detergents and fabric softeners visely. The detergents you will find in this category are specially developed to be as gentle as possible on the children's skin and at the same time meet environmental standards.

Gentle detergents

The skin is the largest organ which can absorb 60-100% of everything it comes in contact with. Children’s skin absorbs several times higher amounts of substances than an adult because their skin barrier is not sufficiently developed.

Children's skin is extremely sensitive to any synthetic fabric softeners, and many skin allergies, which not only children suffer from, are caused by conventional detergents, which are often very aggressive to the skin. In this category, we therefore offer detergents and fabric softeners which are made only from natural ingredients and are very gentle

What we often look for in detergents is primarily their ability to remove stains and odors. Eco-friendly detergents can do just that and even more. All detergents listed on our website are regularly tested for safety. Thanks to that you can now be sure that these product are a win for your kids but also the planet

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