Honey and Bee Products

Nowadays, everyone understands that bees are way more important than just for medicinal purposes or honey making. Thanks to the fact that humans have moved bees closer to home and learned to be beekeepers, we can now use much more than just honey.

Honey is not the only bee product

Nature itself is an incredibly big piece of health. Unfortunately, we forgot about this through the gradual development of various drugs. We probably associate bees with honey production. In fact, honey is more than a quality sweetener, because in addition to a pleasant taste, it contains not only vitamins, but also minerals, such as magnesium and potassium. In addition, they contain important flavonoids that are important for our immune system. In addition, honey contains enzymes and participates in a balanced microbiome. We can have either herbal honey, which comes from various plants, or forest honey, so-called honeydew. These do not only differ from the place of collection, but the bees produce it somewhat differently. Forest honey is made from the honeydew gathered by bees from wild forest trees such as holm oak and cork oak trees. After placing the nectar in the combs, the heat evaporates the excess water and produces honey.

How to choose the right honey?

A frequent topic in choosing quality honey is its crystallization. The lesson is simple. If honey crystallizes over time, it is a sign that it is a quality product. It certainly also depends on where the honey comes from. Our Brainmarket honey, like other products, comes from the White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area, which is one of the cleanest places in the country.

Royal jelly

Other fascinating products that we can humbly receive from bees include royal jelly. It is creamy yellow, has a typical aroma and pungent taste. It is the secretion of the pharyngeal glands of young bees, which are fed to all larvae in the colony. It is also fed during the process of creating new queens. It is therefore the most nutritious bee product, which we can strengthen the immune system with.


Another bee product is propolis. It is a dark brown liquid that contains a mixture of bioactive substances. It is made by bees from the buds of poplar and cone-bearing trees. In the hive, bees use propolis as isolation and use it as a defense against pests. For these reasons, man has learned to use propolis as an effective support for the healing of purulent wounds. Honey contains water, vitamins, minerals and the necessary enzymes that supply the body with energy.

Perga pollen

Perga pollen stands for honeycomb pollen and it is made from flower pollen, which bees gather. This is a relatively complex fermentation process, which means higher bioavailability for humans than conventional bee pollen. It is interesting that it contains vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) as one of the few natural ingredients. Perga is more than 50% more effective than ground pollen and in most cases does not cause allergic reactions.

Bee products have one thing in common and that is a positive effect on the human body. All of them have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, they contribute to a stronger immune system, they support a healthy and balanced intestinal microbiome, and their nutritional values ​​are really the real treasures that nature has to offer.

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