Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried fruits and nuts should be part of our diet on a daily basis. Nuts for their content of healthy fats, and dried fruits with their supplementation of important minerals and vitamins.

Dried fruit has very interesting nutritional values ​​and also a long shelf life. Thanks to that, we can indulge it all year round. Traditional or conventional dried fruits are either sun-dried, such as raisins or dried figs, or using a dehydrating machine that allows large amounts of water to evaporate.

Traditional dried fruit has been the basis of the Mediterranean diet for millennia. Because dried fruit contains less water, the calorie content per 100g is much higher than that of fresh fruit as well as sugar. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on it. However, as well as the higher sugar content, important vitamins and minerals are more concentrated in dried fruit.

Choose your fruits visely. Preferably those in certified BIO quality. Thanks to controlled agriculture, you can be sure of both the origin and the method of cultivation, in which no pesticides or other harmful substances are used. Be sure to choose fruits that are unsulphured. This means that no sulfur dioxide preservative was used during processing. Most of the dried fruit we commonly find in supermarkets is sulphurous.

As for nuts, they are one of the basic sources of protein intake for vegetarians and vegans. But of course everyone who cares about their diet. Add them to the diet carefully, because despite the fact that the fats contained in them are healthy, there are quite a few. It is recommended to eat a handful of nuts and seeds everyday. Ideal si, to mix nuts and treat yourself to only a few of them every day. You should also care about storing nuts. Because they contain a lot of fat, they tend to turn rancid. Nuts should be, therefore, stored in a well-sealed container, in a dry and dark place.

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