Cholesterol is a waxy substance that our body needs. However, nowadays, people are mostly scared of it because its elevated levels are said to be behind cardiovascular diseases.

Risk of elevated cholesterol

High cholesterol has been said for years to be the only cause of hardening of the arteries. Today, it turns out that it was a mistake. In addition to high cholesterol, an inflammatory process also plays a role in hardening of the arteries, which triggers the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Cholesterol is present in our body in the form of fatty acids - lipids that travel through the bloodstream. If the level of inflammation increases, white blood cells begin to accumulate in the blood vessel wall and accumulate cholesterol, creating a dangerous plaque that mechanically narrows the artery and restricts blood flow. Subsequently, a precipitate forms which is then released and progresses through the vessels. Depending on where the blood flow is blocked, it can cause problems such as: heart attack, stroke or peripheral vascular disease.

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