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We present to you a dangerously delicious combination of BIO hazelnuts and first-class dark chocolate. We warn you not to stop at one teaspoon because the taste is addictive and we didn't use even a gram of sugar, as the name ZERONELLA might suggest   you guess The basis of the cream is finely roasted and peeled hazelnuts in BIO quality (60%) and high-quality dark chocolate (23%) .

Does not contain cream   unnecessary additives such as   starches, synthetic dyes or aromas   or   Palm oil. 67% of the ingredients used are BIO quality.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Zeronella = ZERO added sugar

Do you watch your sugar intake, but sometimes you sin? We created Zeronella just for you, with a combination of delicious soft hazelnut cream and dark chocolate without added refined sugar. We are not saying that it is not a sin, but can it be resisted?


How about having pancakes?

If you're tired of spinach, you might want pancakes filled with hazelnut cream and high-quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content . But there are many more possibilities! Zeronella has a simple composition of the highest quality ingredients. This makes it a dangerously simple delicacy and real food at the same time.


Great taste, quality ingredients and no classic sugar

Maltitol and erythritol instead of sugar! Erythritol is a sugar alcohol from fruit and is therefore a natural sweetener . Compared to regular sugar, its sweetness is 70%, which is much more than artificial sweeteners. Erythritol does not cause tooth decay, does not act as a laxative, but above all does not affect the blood sugar level . Its glycemic index is 0 .


No added sugar or palm oil

You won't find refined sugar, palm oil, starches or gluten in the cream.


BIO nuts

The basis of the cream is BIO hazelnuts from organic farming. This guarantees that they have been grown in harmony with nature and do not contain harmful chemicals.


Excellent taste

The combination of hazelnuts and dark chocolate created a perfect sweet combination that you will fall in love with after the first spoonful.

Dry roasting of nuts

We simply dry-roasted the hazelnuts at a low temperature, then peeled them to create a delicious cream that has a rich consistency and fine texture.

Recipes with this product

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy value 2470.65 kJ / 590.50 kcal
Fats 52.82 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 13.38 g
Carbohydrates 15.66 g
- of which sugars 4.57 g
Fiber 8.29 g
Proteins 12.85 g
Salt 0.05 g

By purchasing, you will also support Czech forests #treezaobjednavku!

Ingredients: (60%)   hazelnut cream*,   (23%)   dark chocolate (sweetener: maltitol, lecithin , erythritol; humectant: glycerol; cocoa mass, cocoa powder with reduced fat content, natural vanilla flavor), coconut oil*, sweetener: erythritol; powdered milk , cocoa*. * Raw material in BIO quality. This product contains 67% of ingredients in BIO quality. The product is gluten-free. May contain nuts, milk proteins . Oil on the surface is a natural phenomenon. We recommend mixing before consumption. Minimum shelf life and batch number on the side of the package. After opening, use within 2 months. Store in a dry place and do not expose to direct sunlight.

Origin: Made in the Czech Republic.

Distributor: Votamax s.r.o., Hladnovská 83/93, Ostrava

Storage: Store in a dry place and do not expose to direct sunlight.

Weight: 30 g

Additional parameters

Category: BrainMax Pure (superfoods)
Weight: 0.3 kg
Forma: Krém
Typ: Oříškový krém
Určení: Bez lepku, Bez škrobů a zahušťovadel
Velikost balení: 30 g

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