BrainMax Pure Olive oil PREMIUM, BIO, 500 ml * ES-ECO-001-AN certifikát

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Premium Cold Pressed (18 ° C) virgin olive oil produced in biodynamic agriculture from early Picual olives in Spain , which won a gold medal in the largest and most prestigious NYIOOCWordl competition between 2014 and 2020 among the best olive oils in the world and also won the BIOL competition in 2017-2020 in the category of the best BIO olive oil in the world .

The color and taste of the oil are very intense to slightly spicy . The intense aroma of early olives is alternated by the aroma of tomatoes , olive leaves and almonds . This oil is characterized by a high concentration of healthy polyphenols (above 400 mg / kg), oleic acid (more than 75% omega 9) and vitamin E (12 mg / 100 ml). This oil is suitable for cold cooking or to flavor your favorite dish.

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Product detailed description

BrainMax Pure Olive oil PREMIUM, BIO, 500 ml

This extra virgin premium olive oil comes from a family farm in the south of Spain , where it is grown in biodynamic agriculture in accordance with local nature to preserve the biodiversity of fauna and flora (certified University of Jaén and the Senior Scientific Research Council) . The farm is a proud holder of the Olivares Vivos certificate , which has been obtained by only 15 producers in Europe and is a guarantee of increasing the biodiversity of the local nature .

PREMIUM olive oil is made from hand-picked top quality early olives of the Picual variety , when pressed at a very low temperature (18 ° C). At such low temperatures, a small amount of olive oil is extracted and therefore this olive oil is very rare and should be used only in the cold kitchen or to flavor already cooked meals in order to maintain healthy substances.

Intense taste, unique aroma and color

Not only according to the awards, but also thanks to the intense taste, aroma and color, you will immediately recognize that it is one of the best olive oils in the world. PREMIUM olive oil contains a high concentration of polyphenols, oleic acid, vitamin E and of course it does not contain any residues of harmful substances.

You can find out more about olive oil at

BrainMax Pure Olive Oil PREMIUM, BIO -
BrainMax Pure Olive Oil PREMIUM, BIO -

Advantages of BrainMax Pure PREMIUM olive oil

  • Organic and biodynamic agriculture.
  • Family farm from southern Spain and holder of the Olivares Vivos certificate.
  • Very rare oil as it is extracted at a very low temperature (18 ° C).
  • Very intense to spicy taste .
  • Aroma of green olives, leaves, tomatoes and almonds.
  • High content of polyphenols (400 mg / kg).
  • More than 75% omega 9 oleic acid content.
  • High content of biophenols , cartenoids and chlorophyll .
  • Higher vitamin E content.

Olive oil contains more than 400 mg of polyphenols per kilogram, which falls within the classification of oils for which a health claim can be made, namely that:

  • helps protect LDL cholesterol from oxidation
  • helps maintain HDL cholesterol levels
  • protects against cardiovascular diseases

Suitable for cold kitchen

Due to the extraction procedures and the olive variety, this olive oil is very rare and loaded with healthy substances, so it is better to use its qualities in the cold kitchen or to flavor already prepared heat-treated products.

Packing:   500 ml

Country of origin: Spain

BrainMax Pure Olive Oil PREMIUM, BIO -

Additional parameters

Category: BrainMax
Weight: 0.7 kg
Forma: Olej
Typ: Oleje
Určení: Vegan
Velikost balení: 500 ml

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