BrainMax Pure Buckwheat flour - gluten-free BIO, 1 kg *cz-bio-001 certifikát, Expirace 12/2021

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Organic buckwheat flour tastes fantastic and will enrich your every recipe. Buckwheat flour does not contain gluten and its properties are very similar to ordinary flour . Due to the absence of gluten, it is suitable for celiacs and individuals who try to avoid this protein from wheat. Buckwheat is nutritionally very interesting and complex , as it contains all 9 essential amino acids , iron , zinc , manganese , magnesium and fiber . Buckwheat flour is suitable for both pancakes and pizza dough. It has excellent binding properties and is easily digestible for the body .

Detailed information

Product detailed description

BrainMax Pure Buckwheat flour - gluten-free

Buckwheat flour , unlike most cereals, is naturally gluten-free . It is thus suitable for people suffering from celiac disease or gluten allergies. Buckwheat is a traditional Czech food, which is characterized by a large amount of vitamin E and rutin . It helps to improve the flexibility of our blood vessels and increases blood circulation. Buckwheat flour is suitable for both pancakes and for preparing pizza dough, muffins or biscuits. It has excellent binding properties and is easily digestible for the body.

Buckwheat flour contains a large amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. We find B vitamins in it, and from the mineral especially manganese, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus or copper.

You can also find healthy recipes and experiences on the influenza Aneta website .

BrainMax Pure Brain Buckwheat Flour BIO -

Advantages of BrainMax Pure buckwheat flour:

  • 100% gluten free.
  • Suitable for baking and cooking.
  • Easily digestible.
  • Low fat content.
  • Country of origin:

Possibilities of using rice flour

  • Suitable for thickening soups and sauces.
  • Ideal for preparing pastries or biscuits.

Advantages of BrainMax Pure Buckwheat flour

100% gluten free

Buckwheat flour is a suitable alternative, which will be appreciated especially by people suffering from celiac disease.

Easily digestible

Buckwheat flour is easily digestible and has a very low fat content.

Suitable for baking and cooking

Buckwheat flour finds its use both in thickening dishes and in the preparation of sweet and savory pastries.

Nutritional data BrainMax Pure Buckwheat flour BIO -

BIO certification CZ-BIO-001

Our buckwheat flour has a BIO certificate - Production of organic farming outside the EU.

By purchasing, you will also support the Czech forests #tree for order!

Ingredients: 100% BIO buckwheat flour

Origin: EU

Distributor: Votamax sro, Hladnovská 83/93, Ostrava

Storage: In a dry place, in a closed container.

Weight: 1 Kg

Additional parameters

Category: BrainMax Pure (superfoods)
Weight: 1.1 kg
Forma: Prášek
Typ: Potraviny
Velikost balení: 1000 g

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