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BrainMax Blue light blocking foil provides protection against blue light emitted by the display and diodes of home appliances and other electronics .

Together with use suitable lighting to make your home an oasis to optimize circadian rhythms.

The installation of the foil is quite simple and does not take more than a few minutes .

The advantage of this foil is its thinness and the resulting legibility of the dashboards after its application. In the case of thicker diodes, cover the light source with several layers of foil so that you cannot see the blue color through the foil with the naked eye.

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Product detailed description

BrainMax Foil blocking blue light, 30x 60 cm

Universal foil will rid you of all small sources of blue light in your home. You simply measure the size of the display you want to optimize and cut out the appropriate shape . After gluing, we recommend smoothing the foil and removing the outer cover layer, which protects the foil from damage during transport. The procedure is exactly the same as for the screen protectors of your mobile phone.

By blocking the blue light before going to bed, you can improve sleep, health (through flushing out melatonin) and morning energy. Read an article about what melatonin is for and how to increase its levels or why sleep is important and how to work on not improving it .


Blue light

In today's digital age, few people can take their eyes off the screen, be it a television, a mobile phone or a computer. With the increasing use of these electronic devices and the use of LED lights, new problems have arisen.

  • Exposure to blue light from the screens disrupts melatonin production and sleep patterns. You can find out more in our article .
  • Blue light from the on-screen exposure has been associated with retinal damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration.
  • Visible blue light is higher energy and its exposure is very exhausting for the eyes.
  • Excessive saturation of blue light can reduce visual acuity and make focusing more difficult.
  • Blue light has been shown to cause photochemical damage to the retina and macula, which cause oxidative stress in the eyes.
  • Sleep disorders can lead to depression, accumulation of neurotoxins and an increased risk of disease.

Blue light does not belong in the evening scenery

Blue light between 380 and 470 nm is considered harmful because it can cause retinal damage, cataracts and is associated with sleep disorders. However, not all blue light spectra are bad, for example a spectrum from 470 to 500 nm, also called turquoise blue light, is generally considered good. This range of visible blue light is beneficial because it stimulates natural reflexes to protect the eyes from overexposure and also helps the cognitive and memory functions of the brain. At the same time, it stimulates photosensitive retinal ganglion cells, as well as the pupillary reflex and controls the circadian cycle.

screen-slide-2021-06-21-v-7.28.05 (1)

How to optimize your home for the right circadian rhythm?

  • Set your red mode on your mobile phone. It's easy.
  • Try installing the f.lux or Twilight application on your TV, tablet, mobile phone and computer.
  • Focus on your lighting , both the color and the intensity of the evening light are important.
  • Make your bedroom a dark room with quality blinds or curtains. Especially in the bedroom , all light sources should be minimal .
  • We recommend trying a sleeping mask .
  • Remember to minimize small sources of blue light.
  • You can combine all these recommendations with wearing blue light-blocking glasses .



30x 60 cm


The foil itself consists of 3 layers. The first transparent layer is covering and prevents scratching the film from the top, the middle layer is the red film itself and the bottom (also transparent) layer also prevents damage and at the same time covers the adhesive side of the film. After unpacking, it is necessary to find out from which side the foil is adhesive - inner side, remove the cover layer and then glue it. Lastly, remove the cover layer from the outside.

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