Black Teas

Mellowing Pu Erh tea is undoubtedly one of the most famous Chinese teas. It was not named after its place of origin, but after the city of Pu-er in Yunnan Province. The starting material for the formation of shu (dark) or sheng (green, ripening) puerh is Maocha - wilted leaves, in which the ongoing oxidation is stopped, and which are then rolled, dried and sorted on the basis of quality into several groups.

In the case of sheng Pu Erh, Maocha is steamed and pressed into the desired shape and then left to mellow under suitable conditions. Shu Pu Erh was created in an effort to imitate the already mellowed sheng Pu Erh, and the leaves go through a process of artificially controlled fermentation called Wu Dui. The duration of this process ranges from 1 to 3 months. Finally, the leaves are weighed, steamed and pressed. Pu Erh is most often pressed into the shape of cakes, nests or bricks, it can also be bought as loose tea.

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