Bach's Essences

Bach essences are combinations of flower essences designed by Dr. Bach. A doctor who believed that all our physical illnesses were the result of mental imbalances. Bach's essences are a natural way to harmonize the mind and consciousness.

Dr. Bach and the effects of his essences

Dr. Bach was a physician who dedicated his life to treating people and who believed that if we experienced a mental and emotional imbalance, it would reach the level of the physical body. He devoted the last two years of his life to the development of these essences. The essences have a floral base and are also named according to what they are supposed to solve. Among the essences you can find, for example, stress, anger, ravel or lack of self-confidence. The whole set consists of 38 essences, which are not the basis of the treatment itself, but can effectively support it, because their strength is in maintaining mental well-being.

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