Ayurvedic Teas

Herbal tea blends based on the Ayurvedic tradition, which have been known for centuries, taste great and have a beneficial effect on our health. Carefully selected compounds harmonize body functions, support metabolism and, thanks to their tradition, are the basis of all Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurvedic tradition

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means science of life. Unlike modern science, which focuses on the treatment of a specific disease, Ayurveda is a holistic (whole-body) form of a healthy lifestyle that honors the mind, body and spirit. It includes diet, lifestyle, herbs and yoga that really heals from within.

Ayurveda was developed in ancient India, almost 5,000 years ago, to help people achieve optimal health, energy and balance in life. Classical Ayurvedic texts begin with the process of knowledge dissemination. The gods taught sages all about the medical processes and sages then taught human physicians 

The power and tradition of Ayurvedic teas

Ayurvedic teas are traditional herbal teas served in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a key component of Ayurveda, which helps people achieve good health and vitality. There are three types of Ayurvedic tea - Vatha tea, Pitha tea and Kapha tea. These teas are made from various herbs and elements and are designed to detoxify and cleanse the body. These Ayurvedic teas are known to support health and endurance.

The basic method of preparing these herbal teas remains the same in all three cases, but the herbs used differ depending on the type of tea being prepared. Vatha tea should contain herbs such as fennel, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, licorice, stevia, etc. Pitha tea should contain elements such as ginger, cardamom, fennel, roses, licorice, stevia. Kapha tea should ideally contain ingredients such as cloves, cinnamon, licorice, ginger, cardamom, black pepper.

The health benefits of drinking Ayurvedic tea are huge and range from promoting weight loss, being effective in supporting digestion and indigestion, brightening the skin, detoxifying the body and supporting the body's vitality. In this section you will find Ayurvedic teas made according to Ayurvedic recipes in the highest quality.

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